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Masterpiece Tile and Grout are quite proud of the job we do. Get in touch with us today if you are looking for tiles, grouts, remodeling, and repairing services in DFW area.


There is no perfect formula when it comes to grout. For your tiled surface to be tiled, strong grout is required since it is the actual connection that unites your tiles into one surface. No matter where the tile is placed, the integrity of the grout lines, no matter how big or little, is essential. The Masterpiece Tile and grout restoration services help restore the integrity of your tiled surface if your grout has been damaged.

Masterpiece Tile and Grout provide tile replacement and repair if you have a damaged tile and grout area. When feasible, we would advise replacing a broken tile rather than attempting to repair it; but, if the situation warrants it, we will strive to reassemble your tile at the same time that we do your grout repair or regrouting service. During your repair appointment, we will be able to replace your broken grout and tile if you have new tiles to reinstall. A highly specialized grout and tile maintenance business is called Masterpiece Tile and Repair. Our services are based on the notion that tile has to be cared for and maintained to last for many years while being sturdy and attractive. By providing a range of maintenance and repair services that will reduce the need for expensive home renovation projects before they are necessary, our mission is to save families time and money.  Masterpiece Tile and Repair is locally owned and run by highly skilled grout and tile specialists, whose mission is to offer each customer the best possible customer care and exceptional outcomes.


Yes, at Masterpiece Tile And Grout, we have a team of experienced and trained engineers and architects.

Our company focuses on different construction services like; renovation and remodeling, fixtures, installation, and much more.

After consultation, our team provides you with an estimate, and then the payments are made after the completion of your project.